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Feeling worried about climate change is normal. Embrace your anxiety with courage and compassion and transform it into meaningful action.

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Why Storytelling?

Humans use stories to make sense of the world around us and our place within it. At EAS, we use storytelling to explore the meaning of being alive  at a point of great change, including our experiences with eco-anxiety and other climate emotions. Our emotions are tied to our values and identities, and storytelling helps work through the messiness and complexity. Stories help us focus on what matters, what’s at stake, what we want, and what it will take.

Work with us

Our creative team develops projects and tools that bridge the clinical and the cultural. We work at the community level to frame eco-anxiety through the lens of collective action and social justice. Work with us as a storyteller, a creator, a workshop host, or a project partner. We provide a wide range of communications, strategy, and content development services.


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“We are telling eco-anxious stories rooted in compassion because it’s our love and connection to one another – and to the lands we depend on – that give us the courage to act”

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Eco-Anxious Stories has no core funding, and we are currently powered by the generosity of everyday people. Sponsor a storyteller or donate to our operating fund to help keep the conversation going.

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We’re gathering a group of community organizers, therapists, and coaches who want to support more people with eco-anxiety. If you have practices and tips to share with a wider collective, sign up for updates.