Eco-Anxious Stories is a creative platform for climate and mental health storytelling. We use the power of storytelling to make sense of the complex range of emotions we feel about being alive right now, and we aim to help other people feel less alone in the midst of their shame, grief, fear, anger, and powerlessness.

The project began as a way to express our own experiences with eco-anxiety, and a way to overcome isolation and burnout as we navigate our role in making change.

Using creative expression, collaboration, and narrative approaches, we aim to help bridge the space between clinic and culture, fostering conversations about mental health and climate change that forge a more loving and caring world. 

Meet the team that brings this project to life

Rachel Malena-Chan

Founder & Story Strategist

Rachel is a co-founder of Eco-Anxious Stories and leads the team as Story Strategist. She is passionate about storytelling, and her work focuses on using narrative theory to activate environmental and social justice. Rachel is lucky to spend all her days with her husband, Wing Go. Together they run Dwell House out of Victoria, BC, Canada.

Molly Seaton-Fast

Creative Director & Digital Strategist

Molly joined the team at Eco-Anxious Stories during the early days of pregnancy in an attempt to turn her anxiety into action, contributing to all things design. She is Founder of Arcana Creative, a studio passionate about bringing great design solutions grounded in storytelling and strategy to non-profits and purpose-driven businesses across North America.

The founding team

Thank you Kevin Gatley and Hey Nova

This project began in 2019 through the efforts of Rachel and her brother-in-law, Kevin Gatley. Together with Kirsten and Bryony from Hey Nova, they launched the first iteration of Eco-Anxious Stories through their own resources and time.  The launch was just two weeks before the pandemic hit, and the sudden shift in priorities disrupted the original vision. Much has evolved since, but this project wouldn’t exist in the form it does today without their hard work!