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April 20, 2022

Eco-Anxious Stories Newsletter

We’re launching the Eco-Anxious Stories newsletter to bring you the latest updates about what we’re up to. Our small team has been working behind the scenes over the last couple of years to keep this passion project going amidst the global chaos of the pandemic.

We’re finally in a position now to start communicating through our newsletter with (a bit) more consistency. We know everyone is in inbox-overload, but this is a valuable tool to stay connected to those who support our work and those who may find support through the tools we’re developing.

What to expect

Eco-anxiety is just one expression of the overlap between climate and mental health, and we’re grateful to play a role in helping to normalize fears and worries about the climate crisis. We exist at the intersection of culture and creativity, and we aim to spark courage and compassion as people make sense of being alive in the here-and-now.

These conversations can’t be relegated to the clinic – as vital as those spaces are in helping us navigate eco-anxiety. Through our platform, you will find a place to share stories, a place to engage with creative expressions inspired by eco-anxiety, and a low-barrier place to learn more about climate change and mental health.

We have some exciting projects in the works right now, so sign up today and don’t miss a beat! And thanks to all who have signed up over the years. We appreciate your patience 🙂