Deepening connections through story

Humans use stories to make sense of the world around us and our place within it. In an era of climate crisis, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. We use storytelling to help people connect with what matters, what’s at stake, what we want, and what it will take.

How we work

Eco-Anxious Stories is a passion project housed by our communications companies, Dwell House and Arcana Creative. We love this work, and have been volunteering our time and paying for costs out of our own income. We recognize that our privilege and our community support got us to where we are without core funding. We are so grateful for everyone who has contributed to this project in one way or another – the majority of whom did so without getting paid. 

We are shifting now to a more sustainable and equitable model that we can scale up over time. To date, we’ve been limited in our ability to pay storytellers and content contributors, and our capacity to create resources, curate stories, and host workshops has come from spare time and energy. We want this work to be valued, and that starts with building up a pool of funds for storytellers, and strengthening the eco-anxious branch of our communications business. 

To support our work, sponsor a storyteller, donate to our operating fund, or contract our team for creative works on eco-anxiety.  Help us keep the conversation going.