Deepening connections through story

We use storytelling to help people connect with what matters, what’s at stake, what we want, and what it will take. Story is a powerful tool for holding complexity, focusing on values, and highlighting the power dynamics between key characters. 

In an era of climate crisis, it’s easy to become overwhelmed, but the story underlying our eco-emotions can help make sense of who, what, where, when, and why we are in the context of these feelings.

Our story-based model for exploring eco-anxiety draws on the work of Marshall Ganz, who focuses on public narrative and the power of storytelling to advance social movements. We adapt Ganz’s “Story of Self, Us, and Now” framework and apply it to eco-emotions as a way to connect head, hearts, hands and feet at both individual and collective levels. 

Everyone has a story to tell

Our narrative approach to eco-anxiety creates to space to explore:

  • Individual and collective experiences with eco-emotions
  • Identity and values, how they shape our eco-experiences
  • Tips and tools for sharing experiences and engaging in meaningful eco-action

How we work

Eco-Anxious Stories is run by Rachel Malena-Chan, Story Strategist and creator of the story model we apply to all of our projects. As a broader team of communications specialists, we bring an effective framework for climate storytelling and a wide range of capacity to creative projects.

To support our work, sponsor a storyteller, donate to our core operations, or to contract our team for a collaborative project, please get in touch. Help us keep the conversation going!