Pinterest TV: Watch our Earth Day Program
April 22, 2022

Eco-Anxious Earth Day

Huge thanks to everyone who joined us today! We had a great time, and we really appreciate the chance to help frame the eco-anxiety conversation. 


We were so excited to be featured in our very own 30-minute Pinterest TV program, coming to you LIVE this Earth Day, April 22nd, at 1:30pm Pacific Time. If you don’t already have the Pinterest App, download it today and find TV programs under the little television icon in the top left corner of your homescreen.

As the conversation about eco-anxiety reaches the mainstream, we’re honoured to be a part of framing the nuances of eco-anxiety. Whether it’s emphasizing collective action or highlighting equity and justice issues, we will focus on how eco-anxiety is not just about individual responsibility or short-term coping.

This is a chance to centre what matters most: our values, our collective power, and our capacity to shift power as we protect our planet. Watch the recording now and follow Eco-Anxious Stories on Pinterest.