Bushfire Stories
Storytelling Resource

What the bushfire means to you 

Even though circumstances surrounding us can feel bleak, it’s encouraging to see climate storytelling projects from around the world. Check out this story collection, and take time to bring your difficult feelings to the surface and give them room to breathe. 

From the project leads:

This community storytelling and oral history website has been established to provide a space for people to tell their own stories, in their own ways, about what bushfire means in their lives and places. We seek contributions from anyone with a story to tell, be it in words, pictures, film, or other media.

Our aim in establishing this space is to deepen public understanding about the diverse impacts and experiences of bushfire in Australia, including the many ways that individuals and communities have sought to respond to and recover from these events. In so doing, we hope to contribute to a fuller appreciation of the ongoing personal, cultural, economic, and political dimensions of bushfire, and to open up more creative and inclusive approaches to imagining and shaping bushfire-futures in this country.