Climate Psychology Alliance

Climate aware mental health

The Climate Psychology Alliance came into being during 2009-12 with Adrian Tait and Paul Hoggett as co-founding Secretary and Chair and the hard work of the whole group of founding members. The CPA has grown considerably since its formation, becoming broader, more interdisciplinary and international in its membership and opening up dialogues in multiple directions.

We welcome anyone and everyone to our membership who wants to engage in addressing the psychological aspects of the climate emergency.

While individual members contribute in a range of ways, much of our core work is done through groups focusing on particular aspects or themes. On this page you will find a brief introduction to each group and below that, our statement of inclusion, trust and respect that is at the heart of building our community.

Did you know that the Climate Psychology Alliance produces podcasts? Listen to this episode where Renee Lertzman (one of our favorite climate psychology experts) talks about ‘this moment we are in now’, collective awakening and how to respond emotionally without shame or judgement. She’s speaking with Caroline Hickman (another favorite!!). Listen now for a conversation about vulnerability, fear, anger, and falling in love. 

Check out this organization’s outreach list.

They also have a Climate Aware Therapist Directory.