Earth Matters
A climate board game

Spark curiosity, conversation, and action

As people who love kids and care about the environment, we are responsible for preparing our young people and helping them create connections with them and the world around them. Engaging young people around climate and our relationship with nature is crucial, but it is challenging to do.

Earth Matters is an interactive board game for 2-5 players. Its unique design fosters an empowering learning experience in these times of global concern about climate change. The game allows kids to play with the variables of the time and temperature – a metaphor for climate change – as they learn about different species and ecosystems.

We owe it to kids to help them develop a sense of wonder about our relationship to ecosystems, introducing them to the diversity and beauty of the natural world in an experiential way. It all starts with curiosity – and you don’t have to wade in empty-handed.

Bring the complexity of climate change into a fun, unstructured learning environment. Let’s inspire hope by connecting with kids at their level through play! Follow the team’s work here.