How to Help A Child Dealing with Eco-Anxiety

Tips for kids with eco-anxiety

When Mia Taylor struggled to soothe her son’s anxiety about climate change, she turned to the tools of her trade – research – for answers. Was it possible to provide comfort and hope? Could she find a way to be more constructive and optimistic in the way she spoke about climate change, especially in front of her son?

This is what she found:

  1. Kids look to adults for their emotional responses – our kids aren’t a souding board for our eco-anxiety
  2. Taking action together can help – figuring out specific actions and activities you can all take part in
  3. It’s not too late to reframe conversations – children are quite flexible, it’s not too late to shift the narrative
  4. Lean into Hope – find places/things that give you sustenance and hope; share them with your kids

If this resonates with you, we highly recommend reading Mia’s full article here.