Let Me Out
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Mindful Musings by Mary Prefontaine

Sometimes in the quiet of the morning, I am visited by another me – the one that plays with prose and is quietly attentive to what is patiently waiting to be invited out to be with me. Sometimes it shows up as a rant, or an explosion of emotions, but today it was a poem.  I share it with you today with no sense of purpose, except to provide the platform for this question: What inside of you is waiting for an invitation to be let out? With anticipation, – MM

Let me out.

Let me find the path outward

beyond myself and all the shiny objects

I once thought were treasures.


Let me out.

Out of the collected,

the calamity, the crazy, the chaotic

the crying.


Let me out.

Let me listen to the whispers

of all the voices,

the ones in the ancient cedars

who call me home

Inviting me to sit

with what is wild in me.


Let me out.

To hear the slap of the seal

mating under the stars

and the sweet kiss of the water

against the shore.

Let me feel the tide of my being

edging its way out

again and again to the unknown.


Let me out.

To wander into

the raw edges of longing

where the wind rages

while the trees stand still.

Let me drop to my knees

into the soft lap of the earth,

while my heart breaks and bursts

In awe of the beauty I have missed.


Let me out.

To swim in the silent waters

of my soul, into the endless

new beginnings of each breath

where the air is cool against my eyelashes

and I can listen to the bird song

reminding me that I am fully alive.

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