Panu Pihkala: Meaning and Eco-Anxiety
Research + Discussion

On meaning + eco-anxiety

Eco-anxiety is a complex topic, and researchers help us understand climate emotions in a deeper way by creating models that explain different connection points. Panu Pihkala is an eco-anxiety researcher from Finland who has written extensively on eco-anxiety and published many notable articles.

His new Process Model of Eco-anxiety is drawing attention throughout the climate mental health community. In Panu’s model, meaning-making about our climate emotions is a multifaceted process. It includes activities related to Distancing, a key aspect of self-care, as well as Engaging with our emotions.

It also includes chronological and thematic aspects. This model has a lot of similarities with our own storytelling approach here at Eco-Anxious Stories, especially the dynamics related to meaning. Panu contributed this blog to our site to bring further insight into the model and what it can teach us about our eco-anxious stories. – RMC