My Climate Story
EAS Resource

Teaching kids that their story matters

My Climate Story is a tool for teachers, parents, and kids who are learning about climate change together. It outlines an 8-part lesson plan for exploring our climate stories, geared at Grades 3-6, but adaptable for all ages.

This resource brings a storytelling approach to discussions about eco-anxiety, climate action, and our agency in the context of overlapping ecological and social crises.

We approached this tool understanding that children are likely already picking up on the issues and tensions surrounding climate change. They deserve spaces to process their feeling as they make sense of what they’re learning and experiencing.

We were honoured to partner with Little Green Thumbs for this project. They commissioned this learning guide as a companion to their Plants, People, and Climate Change curriculum, which you should definitely check out!

We are grateful for experts at the intersection of climate change and mental health, including Caroline Hickman, Leslie Davenport, Renee Lertzman, Britt Wray, and many more. Thank you to Leslie Davenport and Maria Vamvalis for reviewing this resource and to whole team at Little Green Thumbs for the graphic design and content contributions to the toolkit.

Watch for more resources adapted from this toolkit, and let us know how tools like this can be more useful for you.

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