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A tangle of emotions

Renee Lertzman has been writing, researching, and theorizing in the field of mental health and climate change longer than most of us, and her work has inspired a generation of work on this topic, including Eco-Anxious Stories! Check out Renee’s latest project, which focuses on 5 guiding principles. 

Each Principle includes both inner and outer work, concrete practices that we can apply now in a variety of contexts, scales and settings. We do not see a hard line between these principles. When fully integrated into a strategy, we can begin to move from a traditional behavior change mindset—which relies strongly on levers, drivers, nudges, and cheerleading—to a new guiding and empowering mindset. It’s ultimately about creating and fostering cultures of connection, support and guidance, as we all navigate the tough work of transformational social, cultural, political, economic, and individual change.”

The material is offered to be used freely only for non-commercial purposes!

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