Solastagia Zine
eco-anxiety zine

Creating something meaningful out of our climate feelings

We were recently introduced to RISE Vancouver and Apathy is Boring, and their newly launched eco-anxiety digital zine, Solastalgia. This beautiful resource features artwork of BC youth aged 18-30. As the cohort describes, the zine showcases feelings of eco-anxiety, eco-grief and other eco-emotions in response to the climate and planetary health crisis. 

Take a look through the whole zine and find artwork, poems, paintings, illustrations, songs and written pieces.

There is also a list of resources at the end (you’ll see Eco-Anxious Stories among some other great tools and organizations).

Here’s another word from the creators:

“By making this zine we hope to start conversations that help us each hold space for our eco-emotions. We wanted to normalize and validate these feelings. We hope youth can feel more connected by bearing witness to each of the artist’s grief, anxiety and loss on each page.”

Find more information about this project on Instagram.