Solastalgia Vol II

Communicating the journey 

Solastalgia is a youth-led initiative that aims to normalize eco-anxiety and other eco-emotions through zines, creative art and place-based events. Big thanks to RISE Vancouver and Apathy is Boring!  

I had a chance to talk about climate stories and eco-emotions with the team behind Solastalgia Zine just before the release of their second volume. It’s wonderful to be working alongside creative, thoughtful young people as we create space to share our experiences of the climate crisis. I hope to see many more issues to come! 

Check out the latest volume of the Solastalgia zine and get inspired to share your own story.

In partnership with The Starfish Canada the theme of Solastalgia volume II is Eco-Engagement and Climate Action. Here you will find paintings, poems, writing, photos and various creative mediums from Canadian youth artists. We asked artists to communicate the journey of transforming their emotions into actions in the face of the earth crisis. What gives you energy, agency or a sense of community in the face of our shared reality?

View the first issue here.