The Eco-Anxiety Antidote
Resource: Coaching

Coaching with Kate

Are you immobilized with anger at previous generations for ignoring the warning signs? Or are you exhausted by trying to make up for their collective inaction? Do you worry about your children’s future because you fear for the health of the environment we are leaving the next generations? Or do you struggle with your desire to have kids at all, given the current climate change predictions?

Are you not living the low-impact life that you want, or feeling guilty for the high-impact life that you have? Or have you lowered your carbon footprint as best as you can but it still feels like it’s not enough?

Do you lash out at friends and family for not taking the climate crisis as seriously as you? Or are you beating yourself up for saying you’re going to take action and change your lifestyle but when the times comes, you bail out?

Kate is a sustainable urban public policy expert turned life coach who is helping the eco-anxious create their own peace and stability to prevent burnout and plan for their future in an uncertain world. Work with Kate to turn your eco-anxiety into empowerment through mindfulness, critical thinking, and media literacy. Discount prices for BIPOC, trans, and people with disabilities.