What we do

We work with individuals, groups, and institutions to bring forward tools, conversations, and stories about meaning, mental health, and climate change. Our lens on these topics emphasizes collective action and social justice.

Work with us as a storyteller, or collaborate with our creative team for a workshop or partner project. In addition to coaching people through their stories, we provide a wide range of communications, strategy, and content development services.

This work is supported by our collaborative partners:

Create Stories

Share ideas. We create works that amplify important messages, shift narratives, and cultivate community. We support people and teams who have valuable ideas to share – particularly those who like to get creative, strategic, and playful. We currently focus on digital platforms, and we’re exploring installations and experience-based projects. 

Curate Stories

Connect effectively. We support others to make an impact with their storytelling, and to help communities reflect on our shared climate story. We provide guidance through frameworks and exercises to gather and coach you through the development of  climate stories (as an individual, an organization, a business, a brand).

Build Capacity

Initiate conversations. We provide workshops on eco-anxiety from a storytelling approach, as well as workshops on telling climate stories. We customize the content to best reach your audience. We’re not mental health professionals – we share our perspectives and draw on the latest research about eco-anxiety to bring this conversation forward in your sphere of influence. 

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Build Tools

Explore interventions. We develop tools, supports, and partnerships that help others experience the climate crisis and that empower communities to engage in meaningful climate action. We work with people across a wide variety of fields to create shareable materials, fill in gaps in what’s out there, and connect the dots to existing efforts. 

Partner Project ideas

Contract us to:

  • Produce educational videos, podcasts, photo essays, and designs
  • Design infographics, toolkits, worksheets, or curriculum, or learning guides
  • Partner to translate your key messages, tips, or advice for a wider audience
  • Develop creative projects that engage your audience in reflection & conversation about eco-anxiety
  • Get coaching to tell your climate story

Support our work in other ways:

  • Sponsor a storyteller or a story series related to a topic you’re passionate about
  • Book a workshop or webinar, customized for your audience
  • Invite us to speak on your program, podcast, or to work together on an interview for your publication