Fragments of the Arctic
Featuring: Lisa Kitchens
October 5, 2022

A visual journey through grief and love:

From Lisa:

This digital journal is a collection of some of my writings and media while onboard Tallship Antigua as an artist-in-residence with The Arctic Circle Residency. As we sailed through wilderness areas in the Norwegian Arctic, fragments from my life drifted in and out of my consciousness as fragments from the planet’s life floated in and out of my understanding. 

What follows are personal accounts of my internal and external world for the 18 days I was at sea. This is my attempt at assembling together these fragments to make a new story. One that embraces brokenness as part of existence, and one that knows healing is a communal act shared even with the melting ice at the top of the world. 

Thank you for coming along for the journey. 

Life is full of paradoxes and unanswered questions.
I want answers.
I want certainty.
Yet life is teaching me that it has its own way.
I must trust it.
Embrace it.

A note from Rachel

Lisa has created something really special with this piece. I love how she tells this story through photos, audio, prose, and poetry. Some experiences are too transformative to put into words. Some feelings are just too complex to be contained by one form. Lisa embraces this paradox and lets us just be with her on this journey.