Supporting times of transition
Featuring: Kayla Madder
July 18, 2022

Nurturing ourselves, nurturing each other, nurturing change in our world.

What a treat to sit down with my old friend Kayla, who I’ve known since high school, to talk about our climate feelings. As someone who uses her platform to highlight social issues, I wanted to ask Kayla about what it means to stay engaged when there are so many overlapping issues facing our families and our communities.

Eco-anxiety can feel like one of many reasons to be overwhelmed, but Kayla offers her insights into how to connect the dots to what you already care about. It’s so nice to remember that we don’t have to be experts or have all the answers. We just have to be willing to talk about climate change and how it impacts our lives. – RMC

Eco-Anxious Stories Podcast: Kayla Madder

Rachel and Kayla sat down to talk about eco-anxiety, motherhood, caring through times of transition, and finding balance in the midst of intersecting crises. Listen here for the shorter cut of the video with a focus on eco-anxiety and supporting each other through growth and change. Stay tuned for the full 45-minute version of our conversation, coming soon!

Here’s a bit more about Kayla:

Kayla Madder grew up on the Canadian prairies, where she now raises her three sons with her husband Hector. She has spent most of her adult life bouncing between two career passions – science and support services. While in university, Kayla unexpectedly became pregnant, and then a single mother, and quickly felt the gaps in support and accessibility for parents on university campuses. With the help of Student Health at the U of S, she was able to start the Parents on Campus group and help to open a Comfort Room, aimed at providing a safe, private space for parents to breastfeed, pump, spend time with their children, and find community with other parents on campus.

After receiving her M.Sc., Kayla continued to work in the field of animal genetics for several years before completely changing her career path to postpartum doula after having her second son. It was also during this second maternity leave that she started her business Kids Closet Consignment Services – Instagram pages that essentially function as virtual garage sales for second-hand maternity, baby, and kids items. Kayla continues to work as a postpartum doula, on a team with several doulas now at Crocus Doula & Wellness Services, with a focus on providing the support, information, and encouragement new and expecting families need.

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