Workshop Offerings
February 14, 2023

Current Workshop Offerings

Your Climate Story: Following your feelings

60-90 minutes

Storytelling is a powerful tool for social and environmental change. This workshop explores our experiences with climate change through the lens of story as a way to center our values, identities, and emotions. As a Story Strategist with a passion for climate justice, Rachel brings insights about how she frames her own climate story, and how personal and public storytelling can foster change. 

Through facilitated activities and prompts, participants will be supported to:

  • Put eco-emotions into context so that you can respond to them with compassion

  • Craft your own personal “climate story” to around the themes and characters that mobilize you 

  • Communicate with others about the climate crisis from a place of personal clarity and empowerment

  • Apply story as a powerful tool for organizing, connecting, and changemaking


Eco-Anxiety through the Lens of Story

60-90 minutes

This workshop is an opportunity to tap into the power of storytelling to support people in their climate anxieties. Recent studies report high rates of youth eco-anxiety in Canada and around the world, and right now we’re at a tipping point for community-based, participatory initiatives that connect head, heart, hands and feet. 

By framing the relationship between our emotions about the climate crisis and our power to create change, this participatory approach is adaptive in bridging individual and collective climate contexts. Through this workshop, participants will:

  • Explore eco-emotions and tips for sitting with difficult climate feelings

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the context around our eco-emotions and our agency in the broader climate story
  • Frame their own personal “climate story” to around the themes and emotions that mobilize you

  • Apply story as a powerful tool for connecting the dots between what we know, what we care about, and what we can do about it


Let's Build Capacity

Are you interested in bringing storytelling and eco-anxiety conversations to your community? Build custom programming by combining workshops with story projects, story coaching, or storytelling events. Our model is adaptive and we are always looking for opportunities to build new programs, tools, and interventions.